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Woman holding dog

A Legacy of Kindness

The H.E. Kidder Endowed Scholarship has changed the lives of many Davis College students and helped them pursue their dreams of becoming veterinarians.

A Legacy of Kindness’s Bio

Man and woman in blue scrubs and gloves

An Educational Journey

Add 2,305 miles, a handful of young people, two island nations and 16 days immersed in a new culture and what do you get? The opportunity for students to grow as global citizens.

An Educational Journey’s Bio

German Shepherd

Lending a Helping Paw

The service dog training program at WVU is helping veterans adapt to being home again.

Lending a Helping Paw’s Bio

Jeff Skousen

The Mentor

Professor Jeff Skousen translates complex science into world-changing research and unforgettable learning opportunities for his students.

The Mentor’s Bio