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Plant and Soil Sciences

Professor in greenhouse The master of science in plant and soil sciences degree is offered to students who wish to study agronomy, entomology, environmental microbiology, horticulture, plant pathology, or soil science. Thesis or non-thesis options are available. It provides students the opportunity to take courses and conduct original, master’s-level research in their areas of specialization. The educational experience obtained through courses and research is expected to provide students with the background and expertise to enter doctoral programs or professional careers as agronomists, entomologists, microbiologists, horticulturists, and plant pathologists or soil scientists. These disciplines are critical to maintaining agriculture and forest productivity, solving environmental problems, and promoting economic development in the state.

Admissions Requirements:

In order for a student to be admitted to the program, the following admission criteria will be considered. The applicant normally must:

University and College Level

Program Level

Program Contact:
Panaccione, Daniel
Division Coordinator of Graduate Programs
Professor of Plant Pathology
G109 South Agricultural Sciences
(304) 293-8819